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It is about men and women, love and betrayal, birth and death. This show is a prism the life of each of us can be seen through.

The Boudoir is an unimaginable choreography, a mixture of animal energy and exquisite sensuality, passion and humor. Sixteen Freedom Ballet lead dancers experimenting with plastic, light and music, as well as … his Majesty, Le Boudoir! It is from it that the artists get clothing, props and various stories. They try on the images and turn any ritual into a farce.

Only Freedom Ballet could create such a show – a unique dance group led by director Elena Kolyadenko. The ballet is famous for collaborating with the legendary Cirque du Soleil and Franco Dragone in Macau, performing on the same stage with the world burlesque star Dita von Teese; shooting in the musical The Power of Love and Voice by Tina Karol, Mademoiselle Zhivago by Alan Badoev; participating in the most famous circus festival in Monaco; annual encore touring in Europe!

Name: The Boudoir
Year of creation: 2016
Genre: dance and theatrical
Duration: 80 min
Group: Ballet Freedom
Acts performed: Choreo
Decorations: Special Closet
Stage hobs: See Technical Rider
Number of artists: 16
Stage type: Theatrical
Uniqueness of the Show: acting skills, highly emotional, theatrical