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Name: Little Party
Year of creation: since 2008
Genre: musical and visual
Duration: 100 min
Group: Freedom–Jazz
What is the Show about: See Press Release
Acts included: musical
Decorations: LED screen
Stage props: Musical instruments
Number of artists: 10
Intended for: a hall to 4,000 seals
Uniqueness of the Show: emotional, artful acting

Ardent jazz cabaret with ten beautiful girls flirting, singing, dancing and playing different musical instruments so it is simply impossible to sit still!

The hallmarks of Freedom Jazz: total connection with the audience, extravagant images and absolutely unexpected covers of the hits by Rammstein, Lady Gaga, Fergie and Aerosmith. Music, interaction, improvisation and provocation are so masterly combined that it is impossible to understand where one ends and the other begins. Each participant brings his own unique character to the stage, exaggerating it a little, adding a bit of humor, intrigue, charm and … presto! The songs instantly turn into theatrical numbers, and the acts unfold in mini- performances with the active audience involvement.