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An enigmatic and mysterious story of love, time and human capabilities on the verge of realityyou look at with palpitating heart.

Time is complex decorations made of metal frames and rotating panels, unique gymnastic apparatus, large-scale video projection, lighting effects and, of course, brilliant acrobatics and actors’ performance.

All this creates a sense of multidimensional stage space and unreality of what is happening. The characters tell a fascinating story about love and time with their body language, and it seems that the words are not necessary here at all.

Rizoma.Time is a new version of the famous show which when premiered in 1999 has been a big success in Germany, France, Great Britain, Greece and Switzerland, and its Director Anatoly Zalevsky is the owner of the Golden Clown, the greatest world award in Circus Art.

Name: RIZOMA.Time
Year of creation: 2013
Genre: circus
Duration: 90 min
Directed by: Anatoly Zalevsky
What is the show about: see Press Release
Acts included: acrobatics, juggling, acrobatic choreography, aerial acts.
Decorations: multifunctional designer metal decoration
Stage props: circus props
Number of artists: 20
Stage designed for halls up to: 4,000 seats
Uniqueness of the Show: modernity, advanced acrobatics